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About Lanta Ladies

Meet Robbye and Rebecca Jarrell

Native Atlantans, baby boomers and identical twins, Robbye and Rebecca Jarrell are the principals of Lanta Ladies, LLC. 

The Jarrell’s Dad played a major role in their lives as they watched him redefine aging time and time again; their father was 59 when his eldest son was born, 60 when his first set of twins (Robbye and Rebecca) were born, and 62 when his second set of twins came along. Growing up, the Jarrells had a front-row seat seeing the wisdom that only years of experience could bring.

Robbye and Rebecca hold Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Music Education with an emphasis in voice; they also share a love for vocal pedagogy. Early in their careers, both Jarrells taught general music in Atlanta, and learned quickly how to connect through communication, as evidenced by their Teacher of the Year awards at their respective schools. 

Their paths took different directions as Robbye earned a Masters of Divinity degree, and subsequently served as a Minister of Children in Raleigh, NC for five years. She later became a board-certified Chaplain for the oncology unit at a major metropolitan hospital for children. After nine years in pediatric oncology,  she completed her tenth year as the Emergency Room Chaplain.  During her hospital tenure, Robbye was recognized with awards for “going beyond the call of duty” and “excellence in healthcare education.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca served in the business sector setting up human resource departments for two different food distributors.

Robbye and Rebecca were exposed to senior issues in a deeper way when they returned to Atlanta to care for their aging mother.

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Rebecca Jarrell

In 2002,  Rebecca embarked on a consulting career with a primary client of hers being a large metropolitan life plan community which spans the full continuum of aging from independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing.

Today, Rebecca still works with this community as a Project Manager and oversees compliance with the many standards required for CARF accreditation. 

Robbye Jarrell

In 2008, Robbye pivoted from pediatrics to geriatrics, by joining the same senior living community which Rebecca had been working with on a consulting basis. Robbye became the first Chaplain for this community, and was tasked with the mission of setting up their spiritual wellness program. Today, this program now includes two full time Chaplains, and a summer chaplain intern.

From 2010 to 2016, Robbye served on the Board of the Georgia Institute on Aging where she was recognized with the 2013 Allison Cuba Champion Award, and the 2015 Leading Age Georgia Award of Honor for outstanding contributions in the field of aging services. Robbye has also served as Chaplain of the Day for the Georgia Senate and the Georgia House of Representatives.


Robbye and Rebecca are Certified Senior Advisors. This credential applies to professionals who are able to demonstrate their competence and knowledge in working with older adults.

Robbye and Rebecca are both December 2018 graduates from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and plan to leverage multi-media platforms (including podcasts and radio) to advocate for seniors with their show “Trail Blazin’ Agin’ – Exploring the New Frontier for the Young at Heart.”

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